November 17, 2010

Stop Motion Puppet in Textile

This is a puppet i made when i was making the Vignette for AnimationVolda2010 Festival.
I wanted the props and the puppet to be made out of textile. I sculptured the body in madrass, and i had to make it exactly the same shape as i wanted the final puppet to look like since i was only going to cover it with thin strech tights (that is a little bit transparent). Before i sewed and glued the stretch tights on, i painted a little bit on the madrass to give it more nuance.The teeths i made from pearls and the hair and smoke is wool. Kitty showed me how to make a skeleton in whire since it was my first time, and she also attached the wool hair to the puppet and made parts of the plant.

The Puppet and the Props was also exhibitadet at the exhebition
"When The Magic Has Gone" during the
AnimationVolda2011 Festival.

Here is some pictures from the Vignette:




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